AirBrush: Details & Key Features

AirBrush: By utilizing AI technology to create expert corporate headshots online, AIHeadshots revolutionizes the way that professionals receive their headshots. Users can avoid the conventional and pricey physical photo shoot with AIHeadshots and obtain high-quality headshots fast and economically.

AirBrush Key Features:

  • Retouching tools: AirBrush offers a set of award-winning portrait retouch tools recognized by renowned institutions globally, supported by the most powerful AI-driven technology. It also allows precise manual adjustment for portraits, ensuring every picture is perfect.
  • Filters: AirBrush has over 105 filters that can be applied to photos.
  • Facial feature tools: AirBrush offers five facial feature choices and two to five options within each feature. The tool will also prompt the orange sidelines to help you adjust the facial feature.
  • Makeup: AirBrush allows users to try out different makeup styles and looks.
  • Background replacement: AirBrush helps photographers quickly create a series of ID photos such as passport photos and visa photos through fast and accurate background replacement.
  • Video editing: AirBrush has recently introduced AirBrush Video, an easy-to-use video editing app that allows users to create pro-level videos in just a few taps with retouch features, sound effects, filters, and more.

Use Cases:

  • Professional online presence: Enhance your professional image on social media, LinkedIn, and other online platforms.
  • Business collateral: Use headshots for business cards, pamphlets, brochures, and email signatures.
  • Team representation: Create consistent and professional headshots for team pages and profiles.
  • Cost-efficient solution: Obtain high-quality headshots at a significantly reduced cost compared to physical photo shoots.

AirBrush offers more than 50 features and 7 tools, including Bokeh, Relight, and Acne, among others. Users can also check out new tutorials in @airbrushofficial, in THEBLOG, and in the Main Menu of the AirBrush app


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