Gamma: Key Features, Details

Gamma is a new medium for presenting Ideas Powered by AI. Start writing beautiful, engaging content with none of the formatting and design work.

Key Features:

  • Create polished content with one-click templates and no-code editing
  • Generate docs, decks & webpages in seconds using AI generator
  • Beautiful and on-brand design with flexible templates
  • Present live or send a webpage with nested cards and analytics
  • Concise, visual, and interactive content with GIFs, videos, charts, and websites embedded
  • Engage users on any device with built-in analytics, quick reactions, and comments
  • Break down walls of text into bite-sized, interactive cards
  • Professional design with automatic brand alignment
  • Mix images, video, and interactive apps in adaptable cards
  • More visual than a doc, more collaborative than a slide deck, and more interactive than a video

Use Cases:

  • Creating engaging presentations for company all-hands meetings
  • Sharing polished and adaptable content with potential clients
  • Converting documents into interactive presentations
  • Breaking down complex ideas into easy-to-consume and memorable content
  • Collaborating with team members on visually appealing and interactive content


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