Inworld AI: Details & Key Features is a platform that allows users to create lifelike characters that can be used in a variety of use cases, including video games, branded experiences, entertainment, and more. It is a character engine for AI NPCs that exhibit complex and lifelike human behaviors, increasing player engagement. Inworld powers multimodal character expression by orchestrating multiple AI models, including GPT-3, to generate realistic and engaging dialogue, emotions, memory, and behaviors.

Key Features of Inworld AI:

  • Real-Time Generative AI: Inworld is optimized for performance and scale, designed to scale instantly without any additional configuration.
  • Multimodal Character Expression: Inworld powers expression with multimodal AI, allowing for realistic and engaging dialogue, emotions, memory, and behaviors.
  • Production-Ready: Inworld is built by the team behind Dialogflow (Google’s conversational AI platform used by millions of developers) and is production-ready.
  • Easy Integration: Inworld provides SDKs for easy integration with Unity, Unreal Engine, Node.js, Roblox, Web, Node.js RESTful API, real-time latency control, natural language description, and simple controls.
  • Advanced NPC Behavior: Inworld Origins is a technical demo that shows how advanced NPC behavior and dialogue driven by artificial intelligence could become a feature in all games.

Use cases:

  • Game developers seeking to create immersive experiences with AI-powered characters
  • Virtual world creators aiming to enhance user engagement with realistic, interactive characters
  • Digital experience designers looking to incorporate natural and memorable AI characters into their projects is setting a new standard for AI characters by powering the “brains” that inspire their personalities, dialogue, and reactions. It is making this next generation of characters more engaging and immersive, and it is a promising technology for the future of gaming and entertainment.

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