Tangia Review 2023: Details, Key Features & Price

Tangia is an interactive streaming platform that enables streamers to sell real-time interactions to their viewers, boosting engagement and revenue without compromising on content quality. It works with any streaming software that has the browser source, so streamers can use it anywhere. 

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Key Features of Tangia:

  • Interactive Stream Engagement: Tangia allows viewers to buy interactions that affect the game being streamed in real-time. For example, a viewer can pay to spawn a boss enemy in the streamer’s Minecraft world.
  • Tangia Parties: Streamers can set a Bits & Token goal that starts a dance party when reached. The higher the level, the crazier the party.
  • Customizable Overlays: Viewers can send interactions through Tangia or the Twitch extension without leaving the streaming page.
  • Low Friction Process: It prioritizes the user experience and simplicity, making it easy for viewers to purchase interactions.
  • Connectivity: allows creators to connect with their community in an entertaining and engaging way, making better content and more money.

User Benefits:

  • Boost viewer interaction and retention
  • Create memorable and exciting stream experiences
  • Increase audience loyalty and enthusiasm
  • Easily integrate Tangia into your favorite streaming software
  • Celebrate milestones with fun and energetic Tangia Parties

Tangia also offers viewer engagement to engage viewers and makes highly engaging streams. It consolidates the best features of existing tools on top of the platform, and enables creators to do this all at a lower rate than existing platforms. Streamers of all sizes use Tangia to make highly engaging streams, and it has brought joy and entertainment for many streams.

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