Tldv Review 2023: Details, Key Features & Price is an AI-powered meeting recorder for Zoom and Google Meet that transcribes and summarizes calls with customers, prospects, and teams. 

Type of Subscription:

Freemium, Browser Extension, Paid Plan Starts from $25/mo

Key Features of

  • AI Meeting Note Taker: Summarizes the topic of the meeting instantly with a simple click or shortcut, allowing users to stay focused on the conversation.
  • Shareable Insights: Allows users to share clips and timestamped recordings to showcase key insights from any Google Meet or Zoom session. Users can also take notes of important moments to help others find them.
  • Meeting Management Tool: Allows users to timestamp key takeaways during or after live calls so their team can quickly catch up on the moments that matter. Users can share or edit virtual meeting moments in just a few clicks, tag a colleague in any part of the call, and capture call insights and share them via timestamps, edited clips, tagging, and a shared library of past calls.
  • Speaker Recognition Technology: Uses AI to identify questions and action points during calls, and offers AI-generated summaries.
  • Free Plan with Unlimited Recordings: Offers a free version with unlimited recordings, making it accessible to users who don’t want to spend money on the essential features they need.

Overall, is a useful tool for anyone who wants to capture and share the key moments of their meetings.

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