Yepic AI Review 2023: Details, Key Features & Price is an AI video generator tool that provides a scalable infrastructure for generative AI video creation, automation, and processing. It allows users to create AI-generated personalized videos for sales, training, and marketing in 40+ languages without actors, cameras, or post-production.

Type of Subscription:

Paid, starts from $38/mo

Key Features of

  1. Real-Time Live Dubbing: Enables real-time dubbing in 5 languages, facilitating effective communication across language barriers.
  2. Easy-to-use API: Yepic’s API provides a seamless integration for AI avatars and video presenters to scale videos to anyone, anywhere. Developers can interact with the API to create and automate video workflows.
  3. Text-to-video generator: allows users to generate a video based on simple text. Users can choose an avatar and type what they want to say, and the video becomes available in a few minutes.
  4. Instant avatars: new Instant Avatars feature allows users to upload and animate photos like Her RoyalAIness.
  5. Large number of voices available: offers a huge number of voices available for users to choose from.
  6. Personalized videos: allows users to create personalized videos for their clients from outside of India.
  7. Simple UI/UX: The UI/UX of is simple. Users can paste their script, choose an avatar, and pick their voice, and Yepic generates a video that requires minimal editing.
  8. Generative AI expertise:’s core expertise is generative AI, specifically AI video generators. The startup works closely with the field’s most advanced researchers in the United Kingdom.
  9. Positive Customer Ratings: Highly rated by customers on review platforms, commending its ease of use and efficacy in generating quality videos.
  10. VidVoice Lip-Sync Translations: Provides flawless lip-sync translations into 8 languages for synchronized speech in multiple languages.

Use Cases:

  • Individuals and businesses seeking a convenient and efficient video creation tool.
  • Users looking to overcome language barriers and create multilingual videos.
  • Content creators, marketers, and educators in need of engaging and personalized video content.
  • Businesses in e-commerce, education, and real estate industries looking to enhance communication through videos.
  • Professionals and researchers interested in contributing to innovative AI-driven video creation solutions.

Overall, Yepic AI is a powerful tool for businesses looking to create personalized videos quickly and easily.

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