Taplio Review 2023: Details, Key Features & Price

Taplio is an AI-powered tool designed to help users grow their personal brand on LinkedIn. It offers a range of features to enhance content creation, scheduling, and engagement on the platform. 

Type of Subscription:

Free Trial, Paid plans start from $39/mo

Key Features of Taplio:

  1. Content Creation: Taplio leverages AI to provide content inspiration, including viral post libraries and the latest news, to help users generate fresh ideas for their LinkedIn posts. It aims to streamline the content creation process and save users time.
  2. Scheduling and Management: Taplio provides a best-in-class post composer and a robust queue system to help users schedule and manage their LinkedIn content effectively. Users can easily organize and publish their content at the right time.
  3. Analytics and KPI Tracking: offers an easy-to-understand view of users’ LinkedIn Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) . It provides insights and data to help users make informed decisions about their LinkedIn strategy.
  4. Social Media Monitoring: It allows users to track, monitor, and manage multiple social media channels, including LinkedIn, to find responses from their followers.
  5. Multi-Account Management: enables users to handle LinkedIn for a large number of clients or equip a large team with Taplio licenses. It offers solutions for both independent creators and companies looking to drive results from their online presence.
  6. Customer Engagement: provides functionalities for customer engagement on LinkedIn. It helps users interact with their audience and build relationships on the platform.
  7. Auto Publishing: It offers auto-publishing capabilities, allowing users to automate the publishing of their LinkedIn content. This feature can save time and streamline the content distribution process.
  8. Analytics: Taplio provides analytics for social media, allowing users to track and measure the performance of their LinkedIn posts and campaigns. This data can help users understand the effectiveness of their strategies and make data-driven decisions.

Use Cases:

• Content creation: Generate engaging LinkedIn posts with the help of AI content inspiration.

• Personal branding: Enhance your personal brand on LinkedIn by consistently creating compelling content.

• Time-saving: Create a month’s worth of content in just an hour, maximizing efficiency.

It’s worth noting that Taplio does not position itself as an automation tool and aims to provide features that allow users to take full advantage of LinkedIn. It was founded in 2022 by Alex Berman and Tom Jacquesson.

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